Thank you for stopping by. My name is Colt Roy, I am a firefighter and photographer in the Charleston SC area. I am also the Editor over at, where you will see quite a bit of my work as well. For many years I have tried to use my viewfinder to honor the day to day lives of the public safety community. Over the past year this has evolved into a focus on LODD services for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. This is a service that I provide, for absolutely no cost, to any department or agency that requests me to do so.

To me, photography is more than just a profession, it is an obsession. With the time spent photographing scene calls and LODD services, I am used to working in high stress environments, and more often than not in less than ideal circumstances. In todays day and age, everything around us seems to be getting more and more expensive, however for many people, their most treasured possessions are photographs. I am available to you, to make those treasures as beautiful as possible. Rather it be pictures of your family, important life events, or even something as simple as your car, a picture freezes time letting you keep that moment forever.

My services are also available for commercial applications as well. Are you trying to sell your house? Well, you have probably done a lot of work to get it ready to put on the market. Why let a potential buyer skip over your listing and never see the house in person because your blurry dull pictures did it no justice? Trying to rent an office space? I bet that large office space you advertised doesn't look so big without an ultra-wide lens.